"Salt Horizon" promises high-performance bodyboarding

August 4, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Salt Horizon: there's something pumping out the back

Matt Lackey and Michael Jennings have announced "Salt Horizon", a new short film series featuring high-performance bodyboarding at its very best.

Filmed in Scotland, Java, Portugal, the Philippines, Bali, as well as the Gold Coast, North and South Coasts of NSW, Victoria, South and Western Australia, "Salt Horizon" promises everything a bodyboarder could desire.

Ryan Hardy, Chris James, Joe Clarke, Cade Sharp, Michael Novy, Jones Russell, Chase O'Leary, Matt lackey, Damien Martin and Ash Bryant are some of the bodyboarders caught on tape.

"Salt Horizon," a collaborative project, will cover all aspects of the sport, including rider profiles, bodyboard travel and expedition, free surfing and competition.

Each episode will be freely released on the internet every couple of weeks, with a high definition DVD release of the series before Christmas 2014. The official launch is set for August 14th.

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