Sammy Morretino: the next bodyboarding star from Hawaii

Some say it is embarrassing for the old folks. Others say a new generation is taking over the world of pro bodyboarding. The truth is that a 14-year old rider from Koloa was crowned winner of the 2012 Sandy Beach Pro.

Sammy Morretino has been showing off in the greatest stages of prone bodyboarding. The young gun has claimed regional Hawaiian contests and, lately, he won the prestigious 2012 US Open of Bodyboarding.

This time, the blond wonder boy defeated the famous brothers Dave and Jeff Hubbard, plus Matt Holzman, in the final heat of the iconic 2012 Sandy Beach Pro. How about that?

The intense battle confirmed that Morretino is preparing to rule pro bodyboarding in the next years. He's fast, agile and creative with a board under his chest and may well be the next star world bodyboarding.

Interestingly, Sammy Morretino has also competed in the DK and secured a brilliant second place, ahead of Kawika Kamai and Brian Stoehr. He lost it Dave Hubbard, but his multifaceted skills are absolutely impressive.

Mens Pro
1. Sammy Morretino
2. Jeff Hubbard
3. Dave Hubbard
4. Matt Holzman

DK Pro
1. Dave Hubbard
2. Sammy Morretino
3. Kawika Kamai
4. Brian Stoehr

Womens Pro
1. Karla CT Costa Taylor
2. Liana Carson
3. Roberta Bitzer
4. Claudia Ferrari

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