Sammy Morretino: he loves drop-knee | Photo: Araujo/APB

Sammy Morretino claimed the men's and drop-knee divisions at the 2018 Sandy Beach Challenge, on the South Shore of Oahu, in Hawaii.

The young bodyboarder from Koloa won the most coveted trophies at the iconic shore break contest. Morretino, who is competing on the APB World Tour, won't forget this day.

"I'm stoked! The last time I won the men's pro division here was six years ago, in 2012 at the age of 15," said Morretino, who beat his opponents by narrow margins.

"I must say I'm frothing on the win against all the rippers in the final. I knew I had to combo everybody to come out with the win. It was probably my best surfing ever out at Half Point!"

The renowned bodyboarding event had a special judging panel. Pat Caldwell, Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, Jacob VanderVelde, and Judah Oschner were some of the legends throwing scores.

Jessica Becker, Matthew Orourke, Mack Crilley, and Ben Severson claimed the women's, pro junior, stand-up, and masters divisions, respectively.

2018 Sandy Beach Challenge | Finals

1. Sammy Morretino, 17.84
2. Kahekili Labatte, 17.74
3. Kainoa Lono, 14.33
4. Mack Crilley, 13.53

Jack Stance / Drop-Knee
1. Sammy Morretino, 16.27
2. Mack Crilley, 16.24
3. Kawika Kamai, 13.37
4. Joshua Trotter, 12.33

1. Jessica Becker, 14.5
2. Karla Costa, 14.23
3. Ginger Prados, 11.40
4. Kawehi Louis Diamond, 7.30

Pro Junior
1. Matthew Orourke, 16.63
2. Kawika Kamai, 16.50
3. Kainoa Lono, 12.00
4. Alexander Fahland, 9.94

1. Mack Crilley, 14.40
2. Kawika Kamai, 12.73
3. Preston Shinew, 9.40
4. Noa Auweloa, 8.66

1. Ben Severson, 11.10
2. Cary Kayama, 9.67
3. Jason Verand, 6.10
4. John Kamai, 4.90

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