Bodyboarding: the United States will run the inaugural National Bodyboarding Festival | Photo: Bodyboarding US

The North American branch of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) announced the launch of the inaugural National Bodyboarding Festival.

The event will take place at Ocean Beach, in San Diego, from November 23-24. The registration opens on September 16.

The 2019 National Bodyboarding Festival will be organized by APB North America and Bodyboarding US, the new entity that will be promoting the sport in mainland America and Hawaii.

"We want to raise awareness and increase the visibility of bodyboarding within the young American audience," notes Bodyboarding US.

"But we also aim to encourage the creation of bodyboarding clubs, associations, and schools, local and regional contest, a national tour and bring more American athletes on the APB World Tour."

Bodyboarding US: the new organization will promote the sport in mainland American and Hawaii

Think Locally, Act Nationally

Knowing the importance of small clubs and local association, the newly-created institution created a competitive event kit that will help people set up a competition.

The basic paperwork includes score and tabulation sheets, a heat list example, and a judges schedule.

Bodyboarding US will also work in partnership with the APB and its regionals offices to increase the number of professional judges, instructors, and competitive riders.

"Bodyboarding US is an APB-certified company. We will help communities manage all parties involved in a bodyboarding event, be them judges, media professionals, technical staff, safety crew, beach marshalls or athletes," adds the new American sports entity.

It is not yet clear who's behind Bodyboarding US, and how it will differ from APB North America's work.

However, the sports organization's website refers to two professionals with decades of experience in the field - Rogerio Bezerra and Washington Teixeira.

Bodyboarding in the United States has been dormant for nearly a decade. Apparently, the sport is making a comeback in the land where it was born.

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