Sari Ohhara steals the Tahara Pro 2015

September 8, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Sari Ohhara: she eliminated Neymara Carvalho in home waters | Photo: Pedro Gomes/APB

Sari Ohhara has taken out the Tahara Pro 2015, held in Japan.

The Japanese bodyboarder proved she was the best rider of the entire event, and the 2015 APB Women's World Tour title race heats up before the decisive Sintra Portugal Pro.

Ohhara, who had already eliminated five-time world champion Neymara Carvalho, had an in-form Nao Nagai ready to challenge her in the three-foot surf. Up the skies, the grey clouds sent the tropical rain, and everything was set for an exciting final.

Sari started off with a 6.00 wave for a few reverse spins and a solid el rollo. Nagai struggled to find a high score, and could only watch her opponent find a superior 7.00-point ride in the decisive minutes.

"I can't wait to get to Sintra to really establish my position on the world rankings. It is a very exciting time for me and the girls at the top of the World Tour. I really want to use all of my opportunities," expressed Sari Ohhara.

The Japanese bodyboarding star moved into fourth place in the overall rankings, and the organization of the Tahara Pro 2015 has already confirmed that the event will feature Men and Drop-Knee divisions in 2016.