Sean McElroy claims the 2014 Manhattan Beach Pro/Am

April 10, 2014 | Bodyboarding
BIA Tour: the best of Californian bodyboarding

Sean McElroy has taken out the 2014 Manhattan Beach Pro/Am, in Los Angeles.

The first stop on the 2014 Bodyboarder International Association was held in sunny two-to-three foot surf. California's ultimate bodyboarding circuit attracted over 75 riders.

Local knowledge once again prevailed at Manhattan Beach, as resident pro rider Nick Borgens claimed first place in the Drop Knee division. Veteran Enrique De Solar came out of retirement and bashed his way to second place, followed by Justin Cadiente and Jeff Bragg.

Sean McElroy landed ARS after ARS throughout the day to take home the win in the Pro Open contest, leaving former BIA Tour champion Jeremy Wright in second, Justin Cadiente in third and Danny Hart in fourth.

The Amateur divisions had another good turnout showing that amateur
bodyboarding in California is still going strong. Dennis Decarlo took the Local Division, while Tommy Capps claimed the Youth competition.

2014 Manhattan Beach Pro/Am Results:

Pro Open:
1. Sean McElroy
2. Jeremy Wright
3. Justin Cadiente
4. Danny Hart

Pro Drop Knee:
1. Nick Borgens
2. Enrique De Solar
3. Justin Cadiente
4. Jeff Bragg

1. Sean McElroy
2. Soufian Bensmiel
3. Nathan Elsner
4. Caleb Roman

Drop Knee:
1. Alex Numa
2. Soufian Bensmiel
3. Peter Hedge
4. Armando Fraga

1. Josh Raymond
2. JR Calderon
3. Justic Brown
4. Tosh Demello

1. Justin Cadiente
2. Jimmy Lindville
3. Turner Harmon
4. Dennis Decarlo

MB Locals:
1. Dennis Decarlo
2. Sal Fitsemanu
3. Tim Tindall
4. Armando Fraga
5. Dan Monnes

1. Tommy Capps
2. Tommy Rinaldini
3. Anthony Smetoha
4. Josh Dowdy

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