Arthur Medici: an accomplished bodyboarder and a joyful person

A 26-year-old bodyboarder died after being attacked by a shark in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

It is the first time in more than 80 years that someone dies after a shark attack in the region. The last victim had been Joseph Troy Jr., a 16-year-old, who was killed in 1936, off Mattapoisett.

Arthur Medici was attacked by a 10-foot shark 30 yards off the coast of Newcomb Hollow Beach. The surf break is just 50 miles away from the Martha's Vineyard, the place where the movie "Jaws" was shot.

The young water sports enthusiast managed to fight off the predator, and a friend was even able to drag him to shore, where bystanders provided first aid and applied CPR.

However, Medici had lost a lot of blood, and could not resist the wounds on both legs. He was pronounced dead at the Cape Cod Hospital. The beach was immediately closed to swimmers.

Medici hailed from the Espírito Santo region, in Brazil, but he was living and studying in Boston. He was an accomplished bodyboarder and was studying to become an engineer.

Arthur Medici was a joyful and active religious person and, besides bodyboarding, also loved biking, hiking, and other sports.

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