Shaun Petersen claims the Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2013

September 19, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Shaun Petersen: flats are waiting for you | Photo: John Cruickshank

Shaun Petersen has taken out the Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2013, at Boomerang Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

Andrew Capilli and Andrew Quirk started a Memorial event, in 1990, in honor of Jeff, 14, who looked death in the face and smiled at it.

They named it Jeff Wilcox Memorial. Starting as a simple bodyboarding competition, it quickly evolved into one of the most respected and prestigious competitions held in Australia.

Shaun Petersen saved his best bodyboarding skills for the last heat and put out an awesome performance in the Open Men's final.

The Cronulla surfer stole the win away from Jones Russell, Spencer Frost and Jimmy Leayr.

"I used to compete in this event ages ago and I never won one, I'm pretty stoked to be a part of it again because of its significance", says Petersen.

"This is the Australian sport of bodyboarding we are looking after. It's a pretty important event and I'm stoked to take it out".

Leading with local knowledge, Adam Cheers thought he had the Drop-Knee final in the bag, but in the last 30 seconds of the heat, Shane Griffith shot to the lead with a big snap clinch title.

"Most people are here because it means something, it's a prestigious event because of Jeff. It's such a good contest and I'm stoked to take part", added Griffith.

In the Junior division, Rafiu managed to notch up multiple high scoring waves to topple Rob Keogh, Alex McAlpine and Sam Whitton.

Lauren Frost, took down Melynne Rosymond, Kassie Lovell and Alicia Kleve, in the Open Women's final.

Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2013 | Results

Open Men
1. Shaun Petersen (Cronulla)
2. Jones Russell (Port Macquarie)
3. Spencer Frost (Bilgola Plateau)
4. Jimmy Leayr (Newcastle)

1. Shane Griffith (Pottsville)
2. Adam Cheers (Forster)
3. Jake Minneham (California, USA)
4. Zachary Armytage (Wombara)

1. Lauren Frost (Thirroul)
2. Melynne Rosymond (Old Bar)
3. Kassie Lovell (Cronulla)
4. Alicia Kleve (Newport)

1. Ali Shaam Rafiu (Maldives)
2. Rob Keogh (Bulli)
3. Alex McAlpine (The Entrance)
4. Sam Whitton (Anna Bay)

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