Sintra Portugal Pro decides the 2014 APB World Tour champions

September 23, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Sintra: crowning champions for 19 years | Photo: FPS/Pedro Patrício

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has announced that the Sintra Portugal Pro will decide the 2014 season champions in the Men, Women and Drop-Knee divisions. This means that there will be no Fronton stage.

The Portuguese stage, a four-star bodyboarding event, will crown three world champions, at Praia Grande. Now, let's check what may happen, in terms of who's in contention for the APB World Tour title.

In the Men's race, there are six possibilities. The easiest job is in the hands of Pierre-Louis Costes, the rankings leader. His trademark back flips will be useful in Sintra's beach breaks.

Uri Valado, the "silent assassin", knows Praia Grande very well, and he will be putting everything in each wave to claim the 2014 APB World Tour title. Valadao "only" needs to beat Pierre by one position after the quarterfinals, in order to celebrate.

Amaury Lavernhe's equation is quite simple. If he makes the quarterfinals, and both Valadao and Costes are eliminated in Round 7, he will be crowned world champion.

Jared Houston needs to reach the semifinals and eliminate the opposition on the way or hope they don't better his final result. The South African is still dreaming.

Math is more complicated for Alex Uranga, who needs everyone in front of him to fall in Round 7. In other words, he will pray for the cards to fall perfectly to become a world champion.

In the Women's division, Alexandra Rinder, Sari O'Hara and Jessica Becker can become world champions. O'Hara and Becker may meet early, but one of them must win the event to defeat Rinder.

Finally, in the Drop-Knee race, Dave Hubbard and a stack of Hawaiians will fight it out along with Edgardo Gomez for the world title.

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