Sintra Pro 2020 canceled due to Covid-19

July 25, 2020 | Bodyboarding
Sintra Pro: Covid-19 forced the cancelation of the 2020 edition | Photo: APB

The organizers of the Sintra Pro have decided to pull the plug. The 2020 edition will not be run.

It is the longest-running bodyboarding event in the world and always one of the most critical stages in the world title run.

The 2020 Sintra Pro will not be held at Praia Grande, in Portugal.

The contest board has decided to cancel this year's edition due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"The rise of new Covid-19 cases in Europe and across the world has forced us to not run the event in 2020," notes the Costa de Sintra Bodyboard and Surf Association (ABSCS).

"The decision has not been taken lightly. Over the last few months, the ABSCS and the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) have been monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on the event."

"Moreover, several country borders remain closed, which means many athletes will not be able to travel to compete in Portugal."

The Sintra Pro organization also notes that security and safety measures for this type of events are "too vast and extensive" to be put in place in time for the originally scheduled competition.

All efforts are now focused on the 25th anniversary of the Sintra Pro, which is expected to take place from September 7-12, 2021.

With the cancelation of the 2020 Sintra Pro, it is highly probable that the inaugural IBC World Tour will not crown champions this year.

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