Sixth Sense: love the 1990s colors

"Sixth Sense," a 1998 bodyboarding movie filmed by Scott Aichner in Hawaii, is now available for online viewing.

Back in 1998, internet access was still spreading throughout the world, and DVD was replacing VHS as the dominant home video format.

Bodyboarding movies were rare, too. In those days, "old school" meant "new school".

When it was released, "Sixth Sense" was definitely not a worldwide success, despite the 16mm footage and innovative film angles.

Today, the work by Scott Aichner can be appreciated with new eyes.

"Sixth Sense" is, in fact, a splendid documentary about bodyboarding in the 1990s. And we are always learning from the past.

Scott Aichner is a surf photographer from Ventura, California.

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