Slab bodyboarders drop in the Annaëlle Challenge 2012

October 31, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Annaëlle Challenge: slab heaven in France

The Annaëlle Challenge 2012 is returning to the Northwest of France, off the Brittany coasts, for an incredible show of slab bodyboarding.

Twenty bodyboarders will compete at the event. Amaury Lavernhe, Dave Winchester, Pierre Louis Costes, Alex Uranga, Benat Elosua and Inigo Gainzarain will be joined by five French riders, five locals and four finalists of the previous years.

The Annaëlle Challenge 2012 is an invitational contest that will be surfed between 7th September and 9th December. The large waiting period is set to have the best conditions.

The Annaëlle spot is located behind an island, off the north of Finistère. It is one of the most talked French wave in the recent years, in magazines or on websites.

The Annaëlle Challenge 2012 is the only event in France inviting the world's best bodyboarders and it is also the only which takes place on a reef spot. The competition format allows competitors to free surf, without the pressure of elimination.

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