Socrates Santana claims back-to-back APB Pro Junior world title

October 11, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Socrates Santana: he didn't have sponsors in the beginning of the year | Photo: APB

Socrates Santana has been crowned the 2016 APB Pro Junior world champion.

The young Brazilian from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro secured a back-to-back world title in the waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal. In the highly contested final, Santana defeated Tanner McDaniel, Milo Delage, and Nelson Flores.

"Difficulties were made to be overcome, opponents exist to be beaten, and goals are here to be achieved. That was my goal since Itacoatiara. I didn't stop thinking, imagining, and feeling it once again in my hands," expressed Socrates Santana.

"This cup is not only mine. It belongs to everyone who supported me - black, white, man or women - and to everyone who helped me compete in the World Tour without sponsorship. Can you imagine how it feels to start the season as the world champion and not knowing if I would be able to attend the events?"

Tanner McDaniel finished the 2016 Pro Junior season in the runner-up position, while Diego Gomes, from Brazil, secured the third place. Hopefully, next year, there will be Australians and South Africans adding fuel to the fire.

The Nazaré Pro 2016 also crowned Alexandra Rinder. The German bodyboarder from the Canary Islands knew she couldn't defend her 2015 world title, but she kept her composure and edged out the new world champion Isabela Sousa.

"I have no words right now! I am just super stoked to win the last contest of the year and ending up second in the 2016 APB World Tour ranking. It was the best way to end up another incredible year on tour!" added Rinder.

The focus will now shift to the Men's showdown. The epic battles will take place at El Fronton, in the Canary Islands, where a handful of riders will fight for glory and a world title.

2016 APB Pro Junior World Tour | Top 10

1. Socrates Santana (BRA)
2. Tanner McDaniel (HAW)
3. Diego Gomes (BRA)
4. Cristian Tapia (CHI)
5. Matheus Bastos (BRA)
6. Joaquim Soto (CHI)
7. Nelson Flores (CHI)
8. Marcelo Faundes (CHI)
9. Rodrigo Correa (CHI)
10. Cristobal Fernandez (CHI)

2016 APB Women's World Tour | Top 10

1. Isabela Sousa (BRA)
2. Alexandra Rinder (CNY)
3. Sari Ohhara (JAP)
4. Joana Schenker (POR)
5. Teresa Almeida (POR)
6. Neymara Carvalho (BRA)
7. Ayaka Susuki (JAP)
8. Luz Marie Grande (PUE)
9. Valentina Diaz (CHI)
10. Patricia Setubal (BRA)