Spain prepares for 2011 Sportzone Surfusiom

September 2, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Doniños Beach: can you imagine it pumping?

The bodyboarding circus has hit the land of tapas. The Sportzone Surfusiom 2011 landed in the beautiful Doniños Beach, in Ferrol, Spain, for a 6-Star Grand Qualifying Series event.

The Galicia region is known for its world class waves. The best bodyboarders in the world are preparing to take on precious points for next year's Grand Slam Series circuit.

There are 80 riders getting ready for a big wave bodyboarding spectacle. The forecasts show better swell approaching along with a high wave period.

Damian King is at Ferrol for both Drop Knee and prone event. Meanwhile, discover a little bit more about riding waves in Ferrol with a documentary about the history of Pantin Classic.

The film tells the stories, past, present and future of the iconic surf competition. The oldest surf event in Europe is still very young in spirit and will welcome the best surfers in the world when September comes.