Stephen Du Preez claims the 2014 South African Bodyboarding Championships

October 13, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Stephen Du Preez: living in the barrel

Stephen Du Preez has been crowned the 2014 South African bodyboarding champion, at Port Alfred, in the Eastern Cape.

The South African Bodyboarding Championships were greeted by a significant swell for the finals day, with outer banks and reefs breaking in the eight-foot plus range and West Beach in the four-foot plus.

The Pro final had South Africa's best guns battling for the national title. Nik Martin and Bradley Moys gave all they had, but Du Preez and Iain Campbell would discuss the trophy between themselves.

Stephen landed a huge backflip. Campbell Iain answered by launching into a good invert on the buzzer, but it wouldn't be enough to claim the victory.

In the Drop-Knee clash, Chris Green waited for the biggest bombs, and the strategy paid off, leaving Dune Baker, Dylan Van Tonder, and Terrance Pieters is the remaining podium places.

The Women's final, Sarah Houston managed to get a solid El Rollo on a set wave and another one to back that up, to defeat Pamela Bowren, Rosie Lombard, and Melissa Bowles.

South African Bodyboarding Championships 2014 | National Champions

Pro: Stephen Du Preez (CKZN)
Drop-Knee: Chris Green (CKZN)
Women: Sarah Houston (CKZN)
Men: Chris Green (CKZN)
Boys: Henry Le Roux (WP)
Juniors: Garryd Ensor-Smith (CKZN)
Grand Masters: Pierre De Villiers (EP)
Masters: Bevan Wilson (CKZN)
Fishman Trophy: Central KwaZulu-Natal

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