Stephen Du Preez prevails in the West Beach Warfare 2014

July 14, 2014 | Bodyboarding
West Beach Warfare 2014: the best of South African bodyboarding

Stephen Du Preez landed a huge backflip to steal the second consecutive West Beach Warfare 2014, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

The Pro division got underway in consistent three-to-four foot waves. The final saw Iain Campbell and Stephen Du Preez competing for the highest place in the podium.

The decisive final began with offshore winds and radical tricks from both riders. Du Preez opened his heat with an excellent barrel into a roll on the end section, while Campbell showed a smooth roll-to-air reverse.

A few minutes later, Du Preez successfully pulled huge backflip off a set closeout, while Campbell could only land a backflip off a smaller wave. Du Preez wins.

"I would like to extend a huge thanks to the SABA committee and EP Bodyboarding for putting together an incredible event. I hope for another incredible event next year and hope to see you all back for South African Championships in October," says Du Preez.

Melissa Bowles won the Women's division; Garryd Ensor-Smith grabbed the Junior title, and Iain Campbell claimed the Drop-Knee contest.

West Beach Warfare 2014 Results

1. Stephen Du Preez
2. Iain Campbell
3. Michael Ostler
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