Steve Hall is the first BCS Watersports bodyboarding champion

May 25, 2010 | Bodyboarding
BCS Watersports 2010: now includes bodyboarding

This was the first year BCS has recognized bodyboarding which, for the sport is a huge step and for college-going bodyboarders, a brilliant opportunity.

The conditions on the day were clean although we could have done with a bit more power. Barrel rolls and spins were the order of the day and Truro College showed their intentions early with some tight combos making the most of the conditions.

The man-on-man, 20-minute heats gave everyone pick of the waves but it was the experienced contest riders hall and Brabyn who were patient and picked off the better waves so it was no surprise to find these two going head to head in the final.

The waves picked up as the tide dropped onto a bank which offered a fast opening section with enough punch for a boost off the end bowl.

Although the waves and rides were similar, Steve Hall found a heat winner on a right which saw him nail a reverse that threw buckets of spray.

Keeping his speed, Steve rode through the next section and boosted a lofty roll which saw the judges throwing high scores.

A couple of sound backup waves were enough to keep Luke Brabyn in second place. Congratulations Steve on becoming the first-ever BCS Bodyboarding Champion!

A massive well done to everyone who entered, the spirit of the competition was spot on. See you next year!


1st - Steve Hall - Truro
2nd - Luke Brabyn - Truro
3rd - Keifer Krishnan - Truro
4th - Darren Edwards - Truro