Surprising performances at the Arica Chilean Challenge 2014

August 21, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Sebastian Siede: he Arica his home | Photo: Pablo Jimenez

Upsets, mistakes and spectacular performances marked the conclusion of Round 4 and 5 of the Arica Chilean Challenge 2014.

The organization decided to extend heats from twenty-five minutes to thirty minutes, to compensate for the inconsistent but rising swell.

Mike Stewart confirms that ageing is of less importance, when you've got the knowledge. The nine-time world bodyboarding champion picked off the handful of valuable waves to win his heat. Iain Campbell took second.

Jared Houston showed impressive commitment in Round 4, but would later miss an opportunity in Round 5. Changes in the overall season rankings will certainly take place.

Lewy Finnegan and Magno Passos advanced, and a hard-charging Diego Cabrera also won his heat. Everyone was ready for the Round 5 clashes.

The first riders to secure a spot in Round 6 were the 2008 world champion Uri Valadão, and Helliton Loureiro. Amaury Lavernhe dominated throughout most of his heat to secure the win and advance.

Alan Muñoz, one of only two Chileans left in competition, looked solid out in the water but battled young Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel for the second and advancing position throughout the heat.

In the closing moments, McDaniel mistakenly dropped in on Muñoz thinking he had priority and was tagged with the interference penalty, securing the passage of Muñoz into the next round.

Guilherme Tâmega, Sebastian Siede, Lucas Nogueira, Ben Player, Iain Campbell, and Jacob Romero have also confirmed their spots in the next round.

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