Surprising performances at the Itacoatiara Pro 2016

June 23, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Itacoatiara Pro: great waves, great rides | Photo: D'Andrea/APB

The world's best professional bodyboarders have completed the first round of waves at the Itacoatiara Pro 2016, in Brazil.

With classic six-foot rollers, riders had everything they needed to impress the judges. And Amaury Lavernhe didn't waste his opportunity. The former world champion won his Round 1 heat and is through to Round 3.

"It was a great start. The first heat always makes me anxious and win in the first round is important because it eliminates the Round 2. I will try to relax a bit and focus. I'm focused and happy to have caught good waves but, until the end, we have a long way to go," explained Lavernhe.

Antonio Cardoso hails from the big wave spot of Nazare, in Portugal, and he one of the stars of the day. Cardoso scored a Perfect 10-point ride for a tube-and-air combo.

"I decided to wait for the best wave. In the first ten minutes, I started to worry as I had not had any waves, but it worked because this amazing wave appeared. When I saw the barrel I did not think it would be so long but managed to get out and still found a good ramp to send the air," added Cardoso.

João Zik was the other standout of the day. The Brazilian bodyboarder won his heat and sent the 2015 world champion Jared Houston to the repechage round.

"I'm very happy that I am missing round two and go straight to Round 3 and have found the wave at the end. I want to go far in this event and represent well Itacoatiara," concluded Zik.

Itacoatiara Pro 2016 | Remaining Round 2 Matchups

Jared Houston (AFS), Miguel Adão (POR)
Alan Munoz (CHI), Lucas Faria (BRA)
Maxime Castillo (FRA), Gabriel Braga (BRA)
Iain Campbell (AFS), David Barbosa (BRA)
Jacob Romero (HAV), Sócrates Santana (BRA)
Lucas Nogueira (BRA), Sergio Luis (BRA)
Manuel Centeno (POR) Adejaldo Silva (BRA)
Dudu Pedra (BRA), Nelson Flores (CHI)

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