Swell drops for bodyboarders of the 2009 IBA El Confital

December 2, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Flavio Brito

Day two at the famed right hand point break of El Confital saw a drop in swell and some of the competitors were challenged with inconsistent 2 footers.

It’s basically a mid-high-mid tide break but today the lack of swell was the problem.

Alvaro Padron was again one of the most outstanding riders of the day and despite his lower ranking on the IBA World tour, he is smashing his way through the qualifying rounds and towards another final.

“ The conditions are really hard out there with few good waves”, said Padron.

“You need to be patience and wait for a good one”.

Another star performer was local rider Guillhermo Cobo.

His 7.75 was the highest score of the day in trying conditions.

The highest score of the competition (9.00 points) & best combination score (best two waves) is held by Spanish rider Hugo Hernandez (17.60 points)

Organizers decided to hold off the 6th round of competition for the bigger waves tomorrow so you don’t want to miss a minute of the action on the webcast from 9.30am.

On show tomorrow will be 21 years worth of World Champions.

Mike Stewart – Hawaii -9 times
Guilherme Tamega – Brazil – 6 times
Ben Player – Australia – 2 times
Damian King – Australia – 2 times
Paulo Barcellos – Brazil – 1 time
Jeff Hubbard – Hawaii – 1 time

The forecast for the swell is looking good with all the charts showing an overnight increase in the 3-5 feet range.

Tomorrow will see the Men complete rounds 6,7 & 8 and with a world title on the line things are sure to be tense.

The competitors are asked to meet at 8.30am tomorrow and competition kicks off at 9.30am.

Statistics – 770 waves have been ridden so far with only 3 of those falling into the excellent range (8.01 – 10.00 points)

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