Tandem Boogie: the bodyboard made for two | Photo: Tandem Boogie

Bodyboarding has officially become a team sport.

A company from San Clemente, California, announced the launch of Tandem Boogie, a bodyboard designed to allow two people to catch and surf waves together.

The Tandem Boogie Air inflatable bodyboard for two offers a new way for families, surf schools, and ocean enthusiasts to enjoy riding waves without the typical difficulty of modern surf crafts.

The innovative board will enable people of all experience levels to ride waves comfortably with their partner or friend.

"As many have experienced, traditional surfing can be difficult to learn, expensive, and very intimidating," Juliette Clark, CEO of Tandem Boogie, told SurferToday.

"Our goal was to create a surf product that allows anybody to catch a wave quickly and easily."

"Our family is thrilled to have designed a board that is easy to transport and simple to use for two people to enjoy at once."

"Having two people on a board doubles the fun, and the built-in camera mount lets you capture it on video."

Clark family: the developers of the Tandem Boogie | Photo: Tandem Boogie

Endorsed by Tom Morey

The 34" wide Tandem Boogie Air is built with cross-weaved, drop-stitch dynamic design technology typically only used in military craft.

The board can be rolled up into a backpack and easily transported when deflated. The technology enables the stiffness of a traditional foam board and retains the performance of a standard bodyboard.

"The Clark family has done a marvelous job of designing the Tandem Boogie," adds Tom Morey, founder and creator of world-renowned Morey Boogie Bodyboards.

"It's the same kind of product innovation that allowed Morey Bodyboards so much success; creating a fun and effective design that brings more people into ocean waves is something I will always be happy to support."

In order to develop the Tandem Boogie Air board design over the past year, all five members of the Clark family from San Clemente have been testing their prototype board concepts for performance and usability.

They have also had excellent feedback from local surfers, lifeguards, surf camp instructors, and families.

The Tandem Boogie Air is now ready for launch and is expected to change the way families spend a day at the beach.

Tom Morey: the inventor of the bodyboard approves Tandem Boogie | Photo: Tandem Boogie

The Company Behind Tandem Boogie

Tandem Boogie LLC is a family-owned San Clemente-based company run by Manya and John Clark, along with their three daughters, Alleanna, Juliette, and Lyla.

Manya is an industrial engineer with 30 years of manufacturing experience and business management.

John Clark is a marketing specialist and product developer who understands the importance of delivering a quality product and a positive customer experience.

Alleanna and Juliette both attend UC Berkeley, where they study data science, computer science, and business management.

Lyla attends San Clemente High School and plans to study business and law in college.

The Tandem Boogie was featured on Shark Tank and found two new investors: Robert Herjavec and Daniel Lubetzky. 

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