Tanner McDaniel joins the Grand Flavour bodyboarding team

January 24, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Tanner McDaniel: ready for growing challenges

Tanner McDaniel has joined the Grand Flavour bodyboarding team. The rider from Kauai has a great future ahead.

Tanner McDaniel is only 13 years-old, but he has been steadily showing the skills of a bodyboarding champion. He has been riding since he was 10 and Mike Stewart is his favorite bodyboarder.

In fact, the 9-time world bodyboarding champion has been helping and teaching McDaniel how to improve his natural talent, for example, in Pipeline.

The young blonde boy has already visited the world's best bodyboarding countries. McDaniel has visited Mexico, Puerto Rico, Mainland USA, Australia, and the South Pacific.

The new face in the Grand Flavour team of riders will be training hard in 2013. He wants to show that his talent can easily turn into glory.

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