Tanner McDaniel: gainer power | Photo: Science Bodyboards

Tanner McDaniel has pulled a massive gainer flip at Rocky Point, on the Oahu's North Shore, Hawaii.

Mike Stewart's protegé is quietly improving his bodyboarding skills. The not-so-grom-anymore Tanner McDaniel prepares to conquer the world with his intelligent real-time wave analysis. And the nine-time world champion is impressed with what he sees.

"In what has to be one of the biggest gainers ever seen. Tanner McDaniel demonstrates what all the super grom hype is all about," wrote Mike Stewart.

The photo sequence published in the Science Bodyboards website is not clear whether McDaniel pulls a backflip or a gainer flip. Apparently, McDaniel doesn't move forward in the air.

"This was actually a mediocre session and I wasn't expecting much after being out for awhile. This wave was like a diamond in the rough, as the whole session up to this point didn't allow me to do anything halfway decent," explains Tanner.

Tanner McDaniel: smooth landing | Photo: Science Bodyboards

"Then I saw this freak section lining up. Right when I took off I could see this huge wedge lining up perfectly. As soon as I saw this I started to get so amped. I just set my line and quickly went straight for the section, the board just projected me so fast. I was super excited as I knew this was going to be a massive ramp."

Tanner McDaniel says he only decided what to do when he hit the section and "it just felt right to do a gainer. As I launched upward, I could feel how high I was. I didn't have too much time to think about the landing, but on the way down I could see the landing spot and I was stoked it looked like a soft transition."

The Hawaiian bodyboarding prodigy says he has had harder landings on two-foot waves than he did on this one. And he was "really glad" he didn't land on flat water. Smooth as silk.

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