The 2009 IBA World Tour title will be decided at Confital

November 1, 2009 | Bodyboarding

El Confital

This year there are 5 riders going for the Mens World Title and 3 for the Woman's.

This is evidence that the IBA Grand Slam concept is working well.

Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester, Ryan Hardy, Mike Stewart & Guilherme Tamega all have chances to be 2009 IBA World Champion.

Jeff Hubbard spoke for the first time to me the other day and made the following quote.

"The world title is extremely important to me so I have been training very hard here at home in Hawaii. The title race is super close with Confital being a grand slam event it is very critical to do well in this event if one wants to win the title. Ryan, Winnie, Mike and GT are some of the best riders in the water today and it shows in there ranking on tour. They will all be gunning for me so I have to be in the best form of my career to win at Confital . I am really excited about the last event and am having fun getting ready for it" said Jeff.

The Womens race is equally entertaining with early leader Eunate Aguirre being pegged back by the Brazilian duo of Neymara Carvalho and Jessica Becker.

The girls are all in the best form of their career and the week long event at Confital will be an amazing battle to watch.

Stay tuned for one of the closest finishes in the sports history.

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