The 2010 Confital Pro kicks off in the Canary Islands

December 4, 2010 | Bodyboarding

2010 Confital Pro: small but contestable

The 2010 Confital Pro has hit the waves of the Canary Islands, in Spain. The local bodyboarders were the standouts of the first day of competition.

Genisis Acosta scored an 7.5 average in the inconsistent right handers.“I am just happy that I was in position for one of the biggest waves of the day. Even when its small this wave is fun”, said Acosta.

But the French crew also performed very well. They must have been training together in order to get the spirit united. Mathew Desaphie and Nicolas Padrios showed top form following in the footsteps of fellow riders Pierre Luis Costes and Amaury Laverhne.

“Yes, there are many French riders in Anglet and also in my home of Reunion Islands who are really surfing well”, said the newly crowned world bodyboarding champion.

“The waves are really good and I think that with a big GSS event in Saint Pierre the local guys will be frothing”, explained Lavernhe.

Terry McKenna, IBA World Tour manager, believes the 2010 Confital Pro will be a huge success."The event is completely full and in fact we had to knock back some late entries, because we simply don’t have the time to complete all the heats. This contest is fast gaining notoriety as one of the best events in the world and like Pipe, riders have now put this on their 'Bucket-list' as an essential stop on the tour”, said McKenna.

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