The 2010 Peru Inka Challenge promises world class bodyboarding

April 23, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Peru Inka Challenge: the show is about to begin

This adventure started a year ago when we had the 1st edition of the Peruvian Inka Challenge where Jeff Hubbard got the first PIC.

This year the official name is Peru Inka Challenge and its the 5th stop of the IBA World Tour.

This is going to be a sick year for the riders of all around the world, coming back to the Inka Land to get some crazy waves at Chilca Point, to know Cusco and Machu Picchu, and maybe ride some new spots for your Life profile, the essence of why we ride, being discoverers of new breaks, being part of a new life, having to eat great and different food, knowing some other people in another part of the world, a land conquered by someones half a thousand years ago.

The Inka Challenge is to go, to other parts of the world, and maybe also to other worlds, to experience a new ride in a different side, and be convinced, that we are not the only ones.

PIC facts:
In the 1st edition where more than 90 riders from all over the world.
7 World champions participated (King, Stewart, Player, Hubbard, Botha, Valadao and Dave Hubbard, DK Champion).
Peruvian local tv aired more than 3 hours PICs related footage(tv spots, interviews and notes).
8,000 people were in the spot along 4 days in winter time.
The event held 3 areas: judge, riders(VIP) and food court plus stands for 200 people.
Jeff Hubbard, from Hawaii, was the first PIC champion. Second place for peruvian bodyboarder Jorge Hurtado. Third place where for two canarian riders: Ardiel Jimenez and Oliver Herrera.

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