The 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipe Pro waiting period has been extended

January 13, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Pipeline, Hawaii

The waiting period for the 2010 Turbo Bodyboards Pipe Pro has been extended from the original dates of February 16th – 24th to the new dates of February 16th – 26th after is was discovered that an amateur surfing event had been double booked on the weekend in the middle of the waiting period.

“ It makes life tough on everyone” said IBA General Manager Terry McKenna.

“ Most riders have pre-purchased tickets and were due to fly out on the 25th so now there will be some problems for people if the event goes beyond the original waiting period”

“ The extra days could come in handy but it’s been a very active season so far so we hope to finish early ” said Terry.

The check-in for the event will now take place on Feb 13th at Dave & Busters, 1030 Auahi Street, Honolulu at 4.30. This will allow organizers more time to seed the field and determine the trialists if any.

Preceding the check-in will be a massive promo at the Ala Moana centre, 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, featuring all of the top riders from the event.

The IBA are expecting a massive rollup of the worlds best for the first Grand Slam of the year so riders are urged to get their entry forms and payment in asap.

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