The 2011 IBA World Tour unveils promotional video

January 18, 2011 | Bodyboarding
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The International Bodyboarding Associations has released the 2011 IBA World Tour promotional video clip. The new confirms the changes made in the global circuit in order to get it to a higher professional level.

"Your dreams... of being World Champion" is the motto for the sequence of breath taking bodyboarding footage. The IBA Grand Slam Series will debut a new competition format.

"When I travel to the most heavy waves in the world, to me it's the bodyboarders who are pushing the limits in those arenas. So, I thinks this tour is going to show what the highest level of bodyboarding is all about, because in the most technical waves, I think bodyboarding is by far the most functional vehicle in those conditions", says pro rider Mike Stewart.

Also, the IBA will debut a ride action scoring system that can be followed online by fans all over the world and a revamped live stream module for real-time competition broadcast.

The 2011 IBA Grand Slam Series promise to show up in the best bodyboarding spots in the world. The first contest will be the Pipeline Pro, to be held in Oahu, Hawaii, between the 15th and 25th February.