2011 Sintra Portugal Pro fires up Praia Grande

July 23, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Dave Winchester: he likes riding in front of buildings

The 2011 Sintra Portugal Pro has been confirmed and will welcome the world's best riders, from August 22-28, to compete in the 5th Grand Slam event of the 2011 IBA GSS Tour.

This event carries the maximum 2000 GSS championship points for the Men and Women and will be a critical factor in the positioning of the Top 5 riders as we enter the final stages of the tour.

Sintra is one of the longest running events on the calendar and always a favourite stop for the competitors. The shifty beach-breaks and mega-structure create an environment like no other and the riders are treated like royalty.

The streets are lined both sides with stalls showcasing bodyboard related products and this helps to add to the carnival like atmosphere.

Right now, there are a number of seasoned professionals vying for a world title in the men’s ratings race. Guilherme Tamega, Jeff Hubbard are leading the pack ahead of Mark McCarthy, Magno Oliveira, Australian’s Dallas Singer and Ryan Hardy with current World champion Amaury Lavernhe rounding out the top 7.

Whoever does well at Sintra usually puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the pack. The Women’s ratings are just as tight with Eunate Aguirre just behind Brazilian Neymara Carvalho and Australian Steph Pettersen.

Hugo Pinheiro, Miguel Adão and Francisco Bessone have been granted wildcards.

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