2011 Zicatela Pro ignites Puerto Escondido

June 20, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Zicatela Pro: go, go, go!

The 2011 Zicatela Pro has been confirmed and will showcase the best planetary bodyboarders in the incredible wave conditions on offer in Mexico. Zicatela is the main beach of Puerto Escondido, a long stretch of slabbing, sand-bottom peaks that offer fast pits and punchy ramps, enough to keep any bodyboarder satisfied for weeks on end.

This is one of the heaviest beach breaks in the world and breaks on just about any size of swell, producing left and right peaks up to about six foot and holding massive lefts further down the beach (up to 20 feet) when it gets serious.

The trials will be open to all riders wishing to compete at this amazing wave and organizers expect an enormous rollup for the trials.

"The Zicatela Pro offers massive points and has attracted a selection of the world’s finest competitors looking to qualify or maintain their position on the IBA World Tour. Latin American riders are also out to gain the added points on offer for the IBA Latin American Men’s Series", says IBA World Tour manager, Terry McKenna.

"Also, Puerto Escondido is a major drawcard and, like Pipeline in Hawaii, this is a wave that riders will come from far and wide to ride".

Brazilian Guilherme Tamega is leading the rankings after an amazing win in 10 feet barrels in Chile. "I have an injured shoulder and could not make it to Australia for Shark Island but I hope to be 100% by Mexico", said Tamega.

"This tour is insane. This is the new dream tour, we have the best venues in the world for sure and this year is like a dream for me,” he added.

The trials for the main event will start on August 4th with the Top 6 riders joining the two wildcards and Top 24 in the new 32-man format main event. The main event window opens on 7th and closes on 13th. A DKWT event will run if 40 riders confirm their interest in competing.

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