The 2012 Itacoatiara Pro promises 15-foot wave ramps

June 7, 2012 | Bodyboarding

IBA Itacoatiara Pro: ramps are ready for bodyboarders

The world's best bodyboarders have traveled to Brazil for the upcoming 2012 IBA Itacoatiara Pro. Dudu Pedra, Kalani Lattanzi and Jose Otavio were awarded wildcards for the main event, but a total of seven trialists will get the ticket, too.

The trials of the 2012 IBA Itacoatiara Pro will be surfed in the picturesque beach break, famous for being a swell magnet, producing big, powerful wedges only meters from the sand.

Guilherme Correa and Joao Luis Zik have wildcards into the later rounds of the trials. If the predictions of massive swell for the first days of the waiting period are accurate, the trialistsmay have to tackle conditions as large as 15 foot faces to make it into the main event.

The perfect recipe for an action packed 10 days of world class bodyboarding is already set. Current top 24 riders not competing in this event are Dave Hubbard and Dallas Singer, who has recently broken his foot during a recent session on the Flowrider in Santiago Chile.

Interestingly, all Brazilian bodyboarders in the main event of the 2012 IBA Itacoatiara Pro will have to surf against Australian riders, in Round 1. Does that mean good fortune for the local chargers?

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