The 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard schedule

March 18, 2014 | Bodyboarding
European Tour of Bodyboard: the Old Continent loves to show off

The 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard will kick off on the 11th April, at La Salie, Arcachon, France.

The official bodyboarding circuit of the Old Continent is planning four stages to crown male and female champions.

The 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard kicks off in France with the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival. During the summer, competition moves to Portugal for the Miss Sumol Cup, in Aveiro, and the Figueira Bodyboard Pro, in Figueira da Foz.

The last stage will be held at Medhia Beach. It's the Morocco Bodyboard Pro. The female riders will only have one opportunity to steal the cup, and it will be in the Aveiro stop.

Pierre-Louis Costes (France) and Catarina Sousa (Portugal) are the defending 2013 European Tour of Bodyboard champions.

2014 European Tour of Bodyboard schedule:

La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival | France | 11-13 April
Miss Sumol Cup | Portugal | 29-30 August
Figueira Bodyboard Pro | Portugal | 5-7 September
Morocco Bodyboard Pro | Portugal | TBC

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