The 2015 Hawaiian bodyboarding season kicks off at Ala Moana Bowls

June 18, 2015 | Bodyboarding
IBA Hawaii: plenty of ramps for airs | Photo: IBA Hawaii

The Ala Moana Bowls Challenge is the first event of the 2015 IBA Hawaii season, scheduled to run between June 16th-21st.

The competition will take place off Magic Island, in Honolulu. The spot is known for its deep tube rides and perfect ramps for bodyboarding acrobatics.

"I am excited. We are stoked that we have so much support from Kellogg's, Pepsi, Science Bodyboards and more. I am looking forward to an exciting kick-off to a four-event series. There is a good 4-6 foot face swell coming on Saturday, and everyone will put on a great show," says Norm Skorge, contest organizer.

The 2015 Ala Moana Bowls Challenge will feature Pro Men and Women, Junior, Drop-Knee, Masters, and Stand-Up divisions. Bodyboarders from all islands are expected to hit the Honolulu waters.

"It's cool that we have four events that bring us together. It really pushes the sport. It's set up also as a qualifier for world tour events, and stepping up careers; we need that in Hawaii. I like to switch it up, but I keep coming back to bodyboarding because I get more amped up to do big airs," says pro surfer Keahi Parker, who also rides prone.

Sammy Morretino will defend his last Drop-Knee win while David Kelly is looking forward to the opportunity to compete once again at Bowls.

""I am doing the Masters, 40 and up. I'm competitive like I used to be and just want to beat my friends. I am blessed to be managing the Science team. Mike Stewart is at the head of the company and has a Ph.D. in hydrodynamics, so we get to test-ride the best equipment in the world," underlines Kelly.

The event will also see Kainoa Lono in action. At just 13 years of age, he is one of Hawaii's up and comers. Kainoa worked hard to learn his tricks in radical surf at Sandy Beach and is a favorite to win the Junior division.

"I am very excited because I get to see all my friends from the other islands. I want to pull off some ARS maneuvers to beat my friends. I really like the mini rig that just came out a year ago. It's small for a guy like me and soft on the top so I don't break my ribs when I do big moves," concludes Lono, who is already riding for Science.

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