APB Tour: the new 2019 black-and-white logo

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) unveiled its new logo.

Coincidently, or maybe not, the professional bodyboarding circuit debuted a new symbol a few days after the World Surf League (WSL) changed its corporate identity.

And apparently, black and white is the new trend in water sports leagues. The APB World Tour also dropped its bluish tones and adopted a darker palette.

The wave featured in the logo has also been tweaked and now occupies more than half of the logo.

Instead of a two-dimensional profile illustration of a barreling wave, the new drawing shows a three-dimensional left-hander with its curl blown by the offshore wind.

The author of the logo refresh has not been disclosed, and the APB North America branch still displays the old version.

The APB is a private company led by Alex Leon and headquartered in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia.

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