Bodyboarding in the USA: hundreds of world-class spots to discover

Bodyboarding was born in the United States of America. From California to Hawaii, the country of Tom Morey and Mike Stewart offers a collection of pristine bodyboarding spots.

The USA has 14 Atlantic Ocean states, five Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico states, eight Great Lake states, and one Arctic Ocean state.

This means there are waves everywhere for all styles and tastes.

T-Street is one of the most popular bodyboarding spots in California. Located in the San Clemente area, T-Street is very consistent throughout the year, and you can drop in epic wave rides in mid-to-high tides.

Main Peak, Cropley's, and Beach House are the main spots. During summer, it's spongers' paradise due to blackball.

Newport Beach's The Wedge is a must. A passionate bodyboarder should ride this Californian spot at least once in his life.

The Wedge is dangerous, steep, heavy, and brutal on its best days - pure refraction and backwash for adrenaline addicts.

Salt Creek and its three options - The Point, Middles, and Gravels - are usually very crowded, but you can't get anything better between Huntington Beach and Oceanside.

You can easily get barreled at Gravels with the right south/northwest swell.

Lido Beach, on the East Coast, is the best bodyboarding spot on New York's Long Island. Fast rides, hollow barrels, and edgy corners will get you airborne.

Jenks is one of the best wedges available on the Jersey Shore. Home to US bodyboarding contests, Jenks will certainly improve your skills and maneuvers with its fast and demanding wave faces.

The Seven Mile Miracle is Hawaii's most famous gem box. A short bike ride between Haleiwa and Velzyland will present you with a complete set of volcano island wave-riding jewelry pieces.

Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu, is probably the best bodyboarding spot on the entire planet.

Perfect, fast, and heavy, Pipe is the ultimate test for a committed bodyboarder. With southeast winds and west/northwest/north swells, it's a stunning force of nature.

Off-the-Wall and Backdoor are separated by a channel but will deliver different boogie experiences.

The first spot is a challenging close-out for experts, and the second one can be a heavier alternative to Pipe dreams.

The Waimea Shorey can be a suicidal experience. Bodyboarders gave it a go before anyone else, but it is still a dangerous place for human beings.

Log Cabins, with its razor-sharp reef, offers a shifty peak with close-out properties.

Sandy Beach is considered the daily training ground for local and international bodyboarders.

The left and right-handers of Gas Chambers, Middles, Cobbles, and Pipe Littles are dominated by spongers.

Maui is the windiest island in Hawaii and also the kingdom of right-handers.

Honolua Bay is a power bodyboarding spot for tube riding lovers and skilled aerialists, while Kahului Harbor boosts can be perfect spongers' heaven when it's fired up. Churches is a must for ramp fanatics.

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