The best bodyboarding tricks in the world

Bodyboarding tricks: ARS, Backflip and El Rollo will always convince the judges

Tom Morey and Mike Stewart are the most influential names in the development of bodyboarding as popular and global board sport. When Morey cut a rectangular shape of polyethylene foam and covered it with newspaper he was inventing a new way of riding waves.

In the next four decades, a man called Mike Stewart gave a professional pulse and rhythm to the art of bodyboarding and added several new tricks, moves and maneuvers.

Modern bodyboarding has opened new frontiers on the face of the wave. Whether you're spinning in a small wave or flying high above the crest of a wedge, that's all seen as performance and progressive bodyboarding.

The best and most famous bodyboarding tricks are usually the ones which get more points in a pro contest. The art of prone riding waves has a formal set of tricks that are widely considered as fundamental to the career of a good amateur and pro bodyboarder.

The "El Rollo" is completed when the bodyboarder reaches the lip of the wave and quickly completes an arc before landing again in the water. There are several variations to the classic "El Rollo".

The "Spin 360" is also a key trick in the bodyboarding handbook. The bodyboarder moves weight to the front of the board and spins the board to complete a full rotation. It is possible to perform a "Reverse Spin" or a "Forward Spin".

The "Invert" is a crucial bodyboard trick in the intermediate-to-advanced level. Bodyboarders speed up on the face of the wave until they find a close-out section, hit the lip, launch up with the back towards the flats and then turn again to land and collect the applauses.

The "ARS (Air Roll Spin)" combines the "El Rollo" with a classic "Spin 360" in aerial mode. The difficulty level is higher because it requires speed, momentum and projection in the ideal lip section. Riders perform a half roll and spin inward towards the face of the wave.

The "Backflip" is basically an aerial move in which you complete an inverted flip. It is usually pulled coming out of a barrel and hitting the lip on the shoulder. After landing on the flats, simply turn around and continue riding the wave.

The "Barrel" is a true classic. Find the perfect wedge, stall with the tail of your bodyboard and pull in to get a full-on tube ride.

Imagination and creative innovations will complete the set of bodyboard tricks, with Cutbacks, Snaps, Airs, 720s, No-Hand Airs and personal variations adding color to the experience of boogieboarding. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.