The drop: easy, boy, easy...

Drop-ins, close-outs, vertical rides, drop knee madness, and wipeouts. Bodyboarders are known for taking the gnarliest drops in the world of wave riding. Mike Stewart keeps saying bodyboarding is the sport that takes wave riding to its limits. He's right.

Now, brings you the proof of concept idealized by the legendary bodyboarder.

Impossible waves are always a defying test, even if you think the probability of escaping a dangerous wipeout is low.

Check, for example, "The Wedge," a frightening surf spot located in Newport Beach, California. Only experienced and local bodyboarders can ride this wave on big days.

The drop is so fast and unpredictable that everything can happen in between. Take a look at the radical drops.

Sky News, the British news TV station, has compiled an impressive collection of videos taken from big wave bodyboarding, where riders even defy their own death.

Now, add a shallow reef, heavy wave lips, great white sharks, and monstrous waves. The result is the deadly wave of "Cyclops," located in Australia. If you think you're ready to surf it, think twice.

In San Lorenzo Beach, Gijon, Spain, some bodyboarders risk severe injuries chasing a scary backwash. Of course, wipeouts are frequent, as you can confirm.

The Nazaré Special Edition, in Portugal, is one of the best big wave bodyboarding contests in the world. Waves are always simply super huge. How big? Take a look.

In Spain, you saw how fun it could get with a backwash. Well, there's one dude that won't forget this jump. If you prefer good wipeouts, check out these incredible samples.

So, whether you're testing your bodyboarding limits or simply enjoying the wipeout of your life, never forget you're always going to be admired for your challenging spirit.

Like this girl that got barreled after a vertical wipeout.

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