Pipeline: vertical wave rides are the future of bodyboarding

Insane wave rides are part of modern bodyboarding. But, decades after pulling consecutive tricks and moves on the face of the wave, the aerial armada is redefining the concept of close-outs in impressive bodyboarding wedges and slabs.

Wedges and slabs are the new challenges of professional bodyboarding.

Easy take-offs are part of the past. It's time to improve the chest muscles and land in the flats before bottom-turning to recover the wave.

Trimming is hard in vertical bodyboarding wedges.

The hardest and trickiest slabs in the world demand control, focus, and wave experience.

Injuries are also part of the business. Huge airdrops may hurt your bones but will certainly feature on the cover of magazines.

While there's no "the" heaviest slab in the world, there are surely ten bodyboarding slabs that can't be avoided if you want to defy the gnarliest prone riding waves in the world.

Mandurah Wedge: backwash show in Australia

If you've survived a big bodyboarding day at Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania, maybe you can carry on with the challenge.

The wave, also known as "Devil's Point," is considered by many the most dangerous spot in the world. Vertical, hollow, shark-infested, and many times impossible to ride.

Cyclops is not far away. In Western Australia, these waves offer you razor-sharp coral, thick lips, and deadly drops. Cyclops demands the perfect bodyboard, a support boat, and courage.

The Wedge owed its name to the phenomenon seen at Newport Beach, California. Add powerful waves and a random backwash force to create a unique bodyboard formula.

Could The Wedge be part of the world bodyboarding tour? Absolutely.

El Fronton: deep, hollow and deadly slab

Wild mutant waves expect you at El Fronton, Gran Canaria, Spain. Think twice when you have 10-foot waves breaking in front of a rocky cliff. El Fronton is probably the king of Spanish bodyboarding slabs.

Nazaré has one of the heaviest waves in Europe. So once a year, the most experienced bodyboarders head to the Portuguese village for a special big wave bodyboarding contest.

Riders are not left alone in the ocean because it's dangerous. Jet skis back them up.

Pipeline is always Pipeline. The perfect wave gets deep and hollow in shallow waters. When the Hawaiian surf jewel gets angry, it's bodyboard time.

The Box: square wave for cubic bodyboarders

These days, Mandurah Wedge gets crowded. But that doesn't mean it is less powerful. So when the Australian break hits the red button, prepare for epic drops and wipeouts. Mandurah Wedge has its secrets and deserves respect.

If Puerto Escondido were a drink, it would be spicy tequila. The Mexican big wave spot is rapid, perfect, and pumps heavy pits that demand skilled take-offs. Do not let the lip hit your head in Puerto Escondido.

In Arica, Chile, El Gringo gets super big in ultra-shallow water. Do you know what it means in the bodyboarding wedge dictionary? It's intimidating. The Chilean Pipeline is a perfect A-frame wave breaking close to the shore.

The Box is as square as a magic cube. As one of Australia's toughest slabs, it regularly sends riders to the hospital in Margaret River. The Box is an exciting wave, but please accept our advice: don't get too deep in the barrel.

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