The Wedge: a bodyboarding nightmare

Is there a recipe for success at Newport Beach's The Wedge? Maybe not. Watch a wipeout reel with the worst beatings of the year at California's infamous backwash arena.

The Wedge - the name says it all. The punishing surf break in Newport Beach has traditionally been a bodyboarding peak. Not that surfers, bodysurfers, kneeboarders, and skimboarders don't ride it.

But the A-frame rebound wave becomes truly unique when boogieboarders risk their bones in the vertical drops of The Wedge. The spot has already sent many wave riding enthusiasts to the hospital.

The Wedge is the result of a 2,000-foot boulder jetty built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1920s. However, the man-made surf break was only ridden for the first time in the 1950s.

There is not a winning strategy to tame The Wedge. You need surfing skills, wave reading knowledge, experience, and a bit of luck. Mike Lucas released a colorful compilation with some of the best wipeouts of the year 2016 at The Wedge.

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