The blind surfer with bodyboarding blood

September 14, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Magno Oliveira and blind friend: they rock

Magno Oliveira has a blind friend who loves riding waves. The pro bodyboarder and his mate decided to hit the waves together in a great Brazilian reef break. No problem, until Oliveira realized he had forgotten something.

"When a nice set came, I tried to position myself to ride one of them, but I forgot to tell him. So he got the bomb on his head, and he broke his board. Whoops!" tells Magno Oliveira.

"He was all good though and came up laughing. I call him a surfer with bodyboarding blood because he always wants to surf the most hollow waves".

As you can see below, Oliveira's friend is well prepared for hard and fast take-offs.

Blind surfing: feeling the wave

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