Found Leash: always coiled

Found Boards believe to have developed a revolutionary new bodyboard leash, to hit the UK market in May 2013.

Mitch Rawlins, the company owner and one of Australia's most popular riders, has taken the best aspects of the other top leashes on the market and improved it to an higher stage.

The bicep leashes have a similar look to a Gyroll. The coil is tightly wound to stay out of the way with a single brass swivel. The big difference is the way that the Found Leash performs.

Not only does it stay out of the way, but also stays coiled even after the heavy wipeouts. After rigorous testing from Mitch he sent the sample leashes over to the UK for Rob Barber.

"Great fit, stayed tightly coiled and out of the way and didn't damage my board. I won't use another leash from this point onwards", explains Rob Barber.

The leashes were tested in the winter UK swells, as well as on bodyboard coaching holidays and surf trips to Morocco, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Canary Islands.

The Found Leash showed excellent results and riders agreed that it was the best leash that they have used and better still. During wipeouts it didn't damage the board at all, as other leashes had done in the past.

Learn how to install a bodyboard leash plug.

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