The double mission of Ben Player at Arica

August 6, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Arica, Chile: the Latin Pipeline and Backdoor

Ben Player will be defending his Arica Chilean Challenge title, the third stage of the 2014 APB World Tour hits Chile, on the 15th August.

They call it the Latin Pipeline and Backdoor. Arica is located on the northern tip of Chile, and it offers a unique cold water reef break that seems designed for high-performance bodyboarding.

The wave offers a heavy left-hander, but also a long right-hander. Its consistency and heavy barrels are complemented with a huge air arena that can easily test champions.

Ben Player will not only try to defend the 2013 crown, but he will try to recapture the lead of the overall season rankings from Jared Houston.

The 2014 Arica Chilean Challenge will be surfed between 15th-24th August, at Ex Isla Alacrán.

2014 APB World Tour Rankings Before Arica

1. Jared Houston, 3006
2. Ben Player, 2520
3. Uri Valadao, 2448
4. Pierre Louis Costes, 2448
5. Amaury Lavernhe, 2214

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