The GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 official draw

February 19, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Pipe Challenge: the ultimate bodyboarding show

The draw for the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 has been announced. The world's best bodyboarders are seeded for the greatest bodyboarding show in the planet.

Jesse Galloway, Harley Ward, Pypyr Lleuellen and Michael Raithaus. Two Australians and two Hawaiians will kick-off the 2013 IBA World Tour season, in the waves of Pipeline. It's the first heat of the year, it's the Round 1 of the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013.

The Round 1 is dedicated to the IBA Regional Tours and winners of the Pipe Challenge Trials. They will, at least, collect 464 Global Qualifying Series points in 20-minute heats.

The highest ranked bodyboarders of the 2012 season will only taste the salted water, in Round 4. Michael Novy, Diego Cabrera, Hugo Pinheiro, Jake Stone, Chase O'Leary and others get their chance to shine in barrel mode.

Wildcards and former elite riders hit the water on Round 5. It's time for Damian King, Dallas Singer, Kainoa McGee, Dave Hubbard, Brahim Iddouch, Ryan Hardy and more.

Round 6 of the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 sees the Top 16 duck diving for the line-up, for the first time in the year. Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester and friends will battle for a place in the Quarterfinals, in 25-minute heats.

Check the full draw for the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013.