The GoPro Pipe Challenge Trials 2013 are completed

February 18, 2013 | Bodyboarding
GoPro Pipe Challenge Trials 2013: need for speed

The GoPro Pipe Challenge Trials 2013 have completed. Sixteen bodyboarders have earned a place in the main event, at Pipeline, Hawaii.

With a very high level of competition, the 16 competitors that will surf against the best bodyboarders in the world have been picked, in 3-4 foot waves, at Turtle Bay Resort.

Heydon Bunting, Felipe Lima, Antonio Cardoso, Kainoa French, Brian Wise, Tom Bolitho, Thomas Govenetche, Harley Ward, Michael Raithaus, Vijay Maharaj, Mick Daley, Guy Williment, Willy Nepia-Murray, Charles Ward, Omar Font and Jacob Pembrook are in the GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 draw.

Six female riders successful qualified for the Women's event, too. Miyumi Kondo, Vicki Reale, Marta Leitao, Yokote Natsuki, Leila Ali and Aki Ogura.

Eight Drop-Knee (DK) riders navigated the Trial's field through to the main event, at Pipeline: Landon Gaspar, Michel Copetta, Pohakukauea Kekaualua, Will Petrovic, Edgardo Gomez, Nicolas Padois, Jacob Pembrook and Josh Trotter.

The GoPro Pipe Challenge 2013 main event window will open on the 19th February through to the 1st March. The IBA has been granted for four event days inside this window to await the perfect swell to run the competition.

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