Carlos The Handboarder: Habitat 67 is a tough wave

He is known as Carlos, "The Handboarder." In Montreal, Canada, it is possible to ride waves, and this man proves it well. Habitat 67 is Canada's most famous standing wave.

It is located in the local Lachine Rapids with a large community of local surfers.

Carlos "The Handboarder" is probably the most regular bodyboarder, kneeboarder, bodysurfer, and "handboarder" at Habitat 67.

Despite the harsh weather conditions - the air temperature might reach -20 ºC (-4 ºF) - Carlos is regularly seen riding these amazing static waves, which break in front of a futuristic residential block planned by the famous architect Moshe Safdie.

"We've got almost ten standing waves, of all sizes, around the city. Kayaks and surfers usually take over the waves. I ride waves my own way. Nobody seems to be interested in bodysurfing, handboarding, or bodyboarding", explains Carlos "The Handboarder."

"To reach the wave, it's an easy two-minute swim. After catching the wave, I get on my knees and then use my handboard under my chest. The middle of the white crashing water is like a rodeo that pushes me up and down", he adds.

A River Wave Expert

Carlos "The Handboarder" believes it is possible to surf for between five and 30 minutes in a single wave ride.

Of course, he takes his 14mm Arctic wetsuit for every session. It's freezing cold out there in the winter.

"The Handboarder" of Montreal is already teaching a new generation of river wave riders. His two sons have already experienced Habitat 67 at only two years old.

"I hold them OK."

But Carlos has other ideas for the future of bodyboarding.

"I want to change bodyboard shapes. Ocean waves aren't ridden with knees. Bodyboarding in waves should be all about kneeboarding".

Watch his unique riding style, and discover the secrets of surfing the Habitat 67 river wave in Canada.

Also, learn more about the river waves and tidal bores of the world.

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