The IBA Tour Guide hits the iPhone and iPad

May 26, 2011 | Bodyboarding
IBA Tour Guide: going digital

The International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) has announced the launch of a new iPhone/iPad app, in association with Riptide. The project was started in the beginning of the year and now see the day of light.

"They outlined all the facets and improvements that they were making to the contest venues, the live broadcasts and the overall presentation of the Tour and were also open to pushing the Tour onto new technology", explains Riptide.

After constructing their successful iPad app, Riptide were keen to create an application for iPod Touch/iPhone's. The release of the IBA World Tour Guide app on iTunes is the result of several months of arduous work.

The app can be downloaded for free and showcases multiple components. A news feed with updated Tour news, a video viewer, allowing to watch any of the IBA clips when you're on the move and photos from the bodyboarding events.

Also, the app displays rider profiles on the Top 24, with a link to their personal blogs and official websites. Finally, there's background on the Grand Slam venues, a calendar for the GSS, GQS, DKWT and WWT, the leaderboard for all Tours and a swag of useful links.

Sharing the amazing sport of bodyboarding with as much of the world as possible, in the waves that the sport thrives in. Longer waiting periods at heaving slabs like Fronton, Pipeline, The Box and Chile’s El Gringo.

Shallow reef breaks and perfect peeling beachies with barrels and air bowls alike, to showcase the sport at its highest level. This app provides you with a ticket to this exciting bodyboarding spectacle.

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