The IBA World Tour heads to Búzios in Brazil

September 19, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Búzios Bodyboarding

After the European IBA World Tour leg the next event of the tour is the Búzios Bodyboarding 2009 that will take place in Geribá Beach, Rio de Janeiro. 

The competition will distribute $35.000 and 1000 points on the world ranking.

This is the last mens event before the Confital Grand Slam and the last opportunity for some riders to get precious points and still fight for the 2009 world title. 

Today 5 competitors have real chances of winning the 2009 world tour. Here are some predictions counting the Búzios International event:

Jeff Hubbard
Has a comfortable lead on the tour. If he wins Búzios and gets to the final in Confital, he can be declared world champion.

Dave Winchester
Needs drastically a 2nd good result on a international event. If he comes to Buzios and get the result that he need, he will go to Confital with much more chances of fighting for the world title this year. I

Ryan Hardy
Doesn’t has good results on international events. If Ryan wins Buzios he will shorten the difference from almost 600 points to only 90 towards Jeff Hubbard. This will put him on the race for the world title that will be decided in Confital.

Mike Stewart
If Mike wins at Buzios he will change his 2nd best international result (a 3rd in Viana Pro) and will get closer to Jeff. Not changing this result will make things harder for him in the Confital Grand Slam.

Guilherme Tâmega
Winning Buzios will make GT change his 2nd worse score in international events(2nd ate Viana do Castelo) and will help him in the race for the world title.

The Búzios International 2009 takes place from September 30th to October 3rd and will distribute $35.000 and 1000 points on the IBA world tour ranking.

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