Slip and Slide: bodyboards are weapons of mass entertainment

When waves aren't pumping, you can't beat the entertainment factor provided by fast slip-and-slide bodyboarding rides. We've found the most creative downhill slope masters.

Bodyboard bottoms are the perfect gliding surface for these alternative, prone-riding stunts.

The smooth and slick skins will add speed to the experience. But watch out, don't go too fast down the lane.

Slip-and-slide bodyboarders have tried almost everything, anywhere.

In Australia, a team of intrepid riders traveled to a drainage canal, climbed over a barbed-wire fence, and rode the steep concrete slope. Illegal and fun.

At Moore River in Western Australia, a bodyboarder went for the slip-and-slide and scored a perfect alley-oop on the first attempt.

Absolutely incredible. A must-see.

In Oahu, Hawaii, a group of friends hit the Waimanalo water reservoir with bodyboards.

The goal was to ride the long walls on offer. The footage speaks for itself.

In Hilo, Hawaii, a young stand-up bodyboarder has slid down a grass garden in what looks like the longest slide and surf ride of all time.

Enjoy life, and stay safe.

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