A new era in pro bodyboarding

December 15, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: the world bodyboarding champion of the modern era

The year 2011 will forever be remembered in the history of bodyboarding, as a global wave sport. The IBA World Tour has undergone profound structural changes and the results are clear.

Pro bodyboarding is more competitive than ever has been. The contest and heat formats are fine-tuned and the creation of the Grand Slam and Global Qualifying series has changed the sport in a positive way.

Pro bodyboarding is more media-friendly. The live online broadcast was not perfect - it had a few flaws - but was better than ever. Manny Vargas and company provided quality commentaries and interesting information about the local culture, in every event.

Pro bodyboarding allows and boosts return on investment for main and local sponsors. The entire graphic exposure and the overall clean and standard image of the promo and advertising materials have been coherent throughout the entire season.

Pro bodyboarding is communicating very well with the world audience. The press releases, the video feeds, the merchandising and the social network space are well managed and always updated.

The experience of Terry McKenna and the vision of Gregg Taylor have been very positive for the International Bodyboarding Association. Despite running behind from the surfing, windsurfing and even kiteboarding circus, pro bodyboarding is recovering time and may well set the benchmark in the next couple of years.

Pro bodyboarding is healthy and going from good to great.

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