The Portuguese Wedge: a superb wave located somewhere in the north of Portugal

What if there was another The Wedge? A group of bodyboarders is having a lot of fun at an unusual peak located somewhere in the north of Portugal.

We already know that the north of Portugal offers plenty of surfing opportunities.

Despite the hype surrounding Ericeira, Peniche, and Nazaré, the northern region is always pumping quality waves.

The ideal swell height for this magical wedge is variable as it relies on the quality of the sandbanks at the time.

West swells (slightly from the north) tend to produce better-shaped waves. Northeast or straight-east winds are the better options for this incredible peak.

So, when the stars align - a long-period swell, mellow offshore winds, and perfect tidal timings - everything works perfectly.

Where Is It?

It was a fairly crowded October day, and there was non-stop action all day long. A rare thing here considering the fact that, usually by lunchtime, the wind turns side shore.

The session had a few big names in the Portuguese bodyboarding scene. Bogdan Goleminov, Hugo Maduro, João Veloso, Daniel Barros, Filipe Ribeiro, Gonçalo Pina, and João Paciência showcased their reverse airs, inverts, flipped air forward spins, and massive drops.

Manuel Centeno, who was recently crowned national bodyboarding champion for the 10th time, is recovering from an injury, but no one could tell by how he surfed.

Gonçalo Pitaça hasn't been surfing much lately this year, and this session was a fairly incredible comeback.

So, where exactly is this spot located?

If you pay attention to the surroundings, you might get it. And remember, there are plenty of gems waiting for you in the north of Portugal.

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